Jo Zarth founded his design studio in 2000 and has been working as a freelance designer since.
Jo’s clients include both internationally-known brands as well as small and medium-sized firms.

He helps brands and products find their ideal spot in the marketplace.
Originally schooled in Product Design, Jo has expanded his palette of services
to include Creative Direction, Classic Visualisations and Product Photography.




I began collecting fortune telling sets using melted lead 20 years ago. This New Year's Eve custom has fascinated me for several reasons, in particular the way it combines traditional forms of occultism and alchemy with commercial interests. Typically, these sets are very similar with only slight variations between them. Each contains six figurines or symbols and a cheap tin spoon – all in a garishly designed blister pack. As part of European Union efforts to protect the environment and public health, the sale of leaded products in member countries will be illegal as of the New Year. One unintended consequence of these new policies is that, sadly, I will have to look for a new hobby.

STEAM PUNK Aero & Viola — new packaging design for Erik Kormann


Photography, Model Building, Installation, 2009 onward

Eau de Froehliche für Erik Kormann, making of

 Jo Zarth has designed striking packaging for the scents and perfumes of Berlin’s Erik Kormann.
These unique designs work to complement Kormann’s distinctive scents such as Eau de Fröhliche and Steampunk.